Android TV set-top box by ER-Telecom Holding. It is one of the best set-top boxes in terms of technology.


Telecommunication holding ER-Telecom (TM set up a large project on new TV service provider design three years ago. The decision was made to launch a new Android platform-box.

Our company has already had experience in developing a range of projects closely connected to streaming TV for different platforms. Due to the concept change at the outset of the project, we persuaded the client to imply short iterations along with methodology and practice of Scrum.

Consequently, we worked as one team with common goals. We launched the project first in one of the cities and later in every city of the holding. It has become the best ER-Telecom product in this segment according to sales results and customer satisfaction rate.

Later on, our collaborative work concept was conveyed to every ER-Telecom department.
movix pro инетра
movix pro инетра
MovixPRO presentation
MovixPRO interface

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Сделаем вам текущий проект эффективнее и лучше. Найдем его недостатки и поработаем с ними.
There are many available premium channels with the average connection with 150 rubles monthly fee. I've chosen Match Premier. Some channels are automatically added after the set-top box connection without any extra fee.
Great for watching films: high-quality picture with no freezes or crashes. The sound gets worse from time to time but it has nothing to do with the set-top box, it's the quality of the films I guess.
I have heard about pauses and rewinding options but MOVIX PRO has another great feature. Each channel broadcasting time is divided into 30 minutes series and you are able to get to the week's broadcasting network with one click.