Service for the outdoor digital advertising.


We created new service to upsell the rest of the digital outdoor advertising broadcast using auction model.

The client set a goal of audience maximization and pushing up sales margin of unsold capacity.

We focused on what the users need and put the first version on market over a period of several months. It became profitable in three months. We followed up and made improvements constantly.
Digital display in urban areas
DRON personal account interface

Here are users' feedbacks:

Сделаем вам текущий проект эффективнее и лучше. Найдем его недостатки и поработаем с ними.
DRON is an extremely useful product. You need less time between the result and intermediate stages: you contact the manager and then the manager finds available space…
It is very convenient and clear, you have got the interactive maps and sizes. Every place has got a camera, so you can see whether your advertisement is on display or not.
Everything is transparent and so clear. You can always see whether you are within budget and if there is anything that has to be improved.